Innovation Powering a New
Movement in Food

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Innovation Powering a New Movement in Food

Explore Partnering With Us

Pioneers in plant-based innovation

Decades of Success

At Glasgow Growth Partners, our team has been shaping the future of food by developing bold, spirited, innovative products that delight consumers, for more than 30 years. We drive significant portfolio value for our partners and clients.  At our core, we believe in a world where food is more nourishing, socially just and connected from source to table.


For three decades, the Glasgow Growth Partners team has been shaping the future of food.  We are students of the consumer, market, regulatory and environmental forces shaping the emerging marketplace - and mobilize our resources to discover, guide, develop and deliver products that become brand movements in the marketplace.  

Our next-generation food innovation flows from our drive towards simple, wholesome and delicious food, along with nutritional equivalency, using emerging technologies and the highest quality plant-based ingredients and proteins to transform ideas into defensible intellectual property platforms, products and brands.  

Our next-gen product innovation utilizes the highest quality natural ingredients and emerging technologies combined with years of insight and master formulation skills to transform ideas into defensible, intellectual-property-rich products and platforms.

We are students of the consumer, market, regulatory and environmental forces that shape the emerging food marketplace. We mobilize our resources to discover, develop and deliver products and brands that become movements, while contributing to restructuring our food supply to be more resilient, humane and ecologically restorative. 

Who Succeeds With Us
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By the Numbers

  • Developed first plant-based product to hit $500M revenue
  • 400+ new food products developed and successfully launched
  • Our scientists and key leaders have delivered more than $10 Billion of incremental innovation
  • Over 90% of all new products have gone to market

We solve big challenges for partners looking for:

Rapid strategic growth and acceleration of development timetables

First–to-market whitespace innovation and commercialization

Solutions to technically complex formulation challenges in the plant-based space

Technical expertise to break into new product categories

Explore Partnering With Us

What We Believe...

Purpose-driven products and brands serve as vessels for greater meaning in our lives
We believe in a world where food is more just, vibrant, nourishing and socially connected
We believe in collaborating to create superior products with an authentic core that lead to powerful brand resonance
The ultimate scorecard for our partners and ourselves is sustainable value creation
We believe in a practical approach to development, utilizing existing manufacturing processes and know-how that expedite the path to market
Nourishing food means simple and delicious food, but getting to simple can be complex

"Unmatched Innovation Experts"

Glasgow is the premier R&D consultancy known for their high quality work and expertise in food and beverage product development. Their development team...
Kimberly Schaub,CCS Sr Scientist
Research Chef/Culinary Scientist BulletProof
"Very Talented R&D
We worked with Glasgow on a number of development projects and found them to be not only super talented and innovative, but they also had a very practical sense of urgency that allowed...
Dave Peter
Founder & CEO Farmwise Foods

"A go-to resource for our companies"

Glasgow has been a great partner for many of our companies, bringing insight, creativity and most importantly executable concepts that win in the marketplace.
Mark Rampolla Co-Founder & Managing
Partner PowerPlant Ventures