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Glasgow Consulting Group has the depth of scientific education and expertise to be able to offer you consulting help with any issues that your company may be facing in food and nutrition science. Dr. Gordon sits on the scientific advisory boards of a number of food and beverage companies. We can develop an action plan to keep you abreast of new scientific developments in your particular product areas as well as offering advice on, and ‘translation’ of, complex scientific papers into easy to understand, non-technical language for your marketers and sales people. We are often asked to comment on the relevance and ‘practicability’ of new research on our clients’ core product areas.

We have experience in intellectual property development for new product concepts and formulations and have organized numerous analytical and consumer studies for our clients. Several of our staff have expertise in sensory analysis and flavor panel development.



Glasgow Growth Partners will help you to develop delicious and functional new food and beverage products. We work predominantly in the natural and certified organic realm, but we also have considerable experience in the interface between Pharma and food/beverages.

Glasgow can assist you with concept development through scale-up with your manufacturing partners. We utilize our expertise in the application of flavors to make your products taste superior to anything else on the market. Our highly trained scientists and food science artisans use their decades of experience to make product formulations work in the lab, in pilot facilities and in manufacturing plants.

Glasgow provides highly experienced and expert product development personnel at a fraction of the cost of hiring permanent, senior-level employees. Even if you have in-house NPD personnel, it is still likely that we can add our expertise to the mix and improve your products across the board whether it is in moving traditional/conventional formulations into the increasingly active ‘natural’ arena; for completely new formulations; cost reductions or solving challenging technical and manufacturing problems.

We always contribute new ideas for your consideration and bring with them the technical capabilities to carry them out. Glasgow Growth Partners will help you to provide delicious and cutting-edge products to your customers.

We offer each of our clients:

Exceptional tasting products

Aseptic Pilot Facility

Expert nutrition and cost specifications

Quick project turnaround

Competitive development fees

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