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Manufacturing, Process Improvement & Scale Up

GCG offers expert services to scale up your formulations and processes into commercial production.  We have decades of experience running production trials and managing production scale-up.

Transition to a larger-scale, commercial process may require substantial reformulation of your kitchen or bench formulas.  Commercial batching and manufacturing require a degree of automation that takes products out of the realm of a carefully nurtured, hands-on process into an industrial setting where speed and efficiency of batching and processing may result in considerable cost savings but can also lead to higher cost if the formulas and processes have not been optimized.  GCG has the expertise to shepherd your products through these complexities and optimize the formulas and processes along the way to ensure the highest possible quality of the final products.

GCG has a world recognized Process Authority/Production Engineer on staff who will co-operate with your co-packer or captive manufacturing to ensure that your processes result in safe and hygienic products for your customers and meet all legally required FDA processing requirements.

Our Principal Scientists will work with you, your formulas and batching order/instructions to ensure efficient and cost effective use of expensive factory processing time and preservation of optimal product quality.

Whether you are scaling from the kitchen or benchtop to your first commercial production or moving production from a small facility into a larger operation, GCG has the skill and experience to ensure a smooth transition, resulting in fewer trials, fewer headaches with Operations personnel and consequently lower costs.

Scale-up often results in frustration on both the Clients’ and the Manufacturing Operations’ side. However, choosing a professionally managed manufacturing transition will build goodwill with your manufacturing partners. In the process, the cost savings generated from a streamlined process will often recoup the costs involved and the resulting lack of frustration and strife can be priceless.