Product Development Specialties


Product Develpment

Glasgow Growth Partners will develop a plan to bring your product concept to manufacturing through bench and pilot development into the final manufacturing plant. This may involve simple and tasteful formulation, the resolution of complex scientific and engineering challenges or any place on the spectrum in between. We always approach a problem with a fresh attitude, looking for ways to make your new product unique and measurably better in the marketplace. Several of our staff have expert, trained palates that enable them to distinguish subtle nuances of flavor that are tremendously important in food and beverage flavor development.

In addition to formula and technical procedure development we also offer to develop Quality and Manufacturing standards to ensure that your products stay within specification now and into the future.

We offer each of our clients:

Exceptional tasting products

Aseptic Pilot Facility

Expert nutrition and cost specifications

Quick project turnaround

Competitive development fees

Product Development Specialties

Plant-Based Dairy and Meat Analogs

Plant Protein Evaluation & Application

Aseptic Beverages

Cultured Products

Allergen Free Snacks & Baked Goods

Food / Pharma Interface